Its only Thursday, but we mean business!

Dear Readers....some more images of what we get upto in Chiltern Street!

We're so excited, next week we are doing a promotional photo shoot with Stephen Gormley and Adrian Stone from the Dreamcatchers will be capturing this on film for all of you to see!

Orton Wedding

Just when I nearly forgot about Jamie & Emma's wedding Jo & Ian Pickering from Ian Pickering Photography sent me a lovely email with some exquisite images from the floral work we did at Jamie and Emma's Wedding at Orton Hall.

floral images

Last week was a busy one.....flower deliveries just about everywhere....and we received the most incredible flowers for Spring...alliums, singapore orchids, astilbe, name it we have it! We truly believe that good weather makes people spend more! Lets hope for a good summer!!!!!!!

This week we will be receiving the most incredible selection from Holland once again.....Wednesday is the day!

France Wedding Part 1

We have kept this beauty for a long while. Although some images featured in our "old" website, we have never really used the images. This is for sure my fault as I cleverly dropped my laptop and lost all of the information on it last summer. I have finally been able to get hold of the images from the heavily pregnant Carrie Nicole.
This wedding took place just under two years ago in France, Vallery, South of Paris. We arrived early on a Thursday with three articulated lorries full of props, flowers, linen, glassware etc!
The Chateau itself was hire empty, and it was part of our job to fill it up with the most beautiful things.
Hampers full of goodies awaited the guests, from beauty products to body mist to cool down from the August heat.
Here are some of the many images we have from that beautiful weekend!

Carrie and Stephen on Day two of the 4 day wedding!

The BAOD team under thousands of stranded cymbidium orchids