David and Ian's Civil Partnership...the REAL deal in photographs

If you ever get a call from Jonathan Attwood http://www.lastsupperltd.co.uk/ you know the Event will end up in pure perfection. That teamed with our abundant floral displays and exceptional photograhpy by Catherine Mead http://www.photographybycatherine.co.uk/ is just sublime! Please enjoy these shots....I got goose bumps yesterday when I saw them whilst at our Photo Shoot!

BAOD collection of Bouquets

Friday was purely OUR day. Tony and I have been meaning to shoot a collection of bouquets for many months now, and finally got to do it. The incredible Mark Weeks and the seductive Sarah Jagger made the already handsome Federico shine. Our bouquets looked gorgeous and we're so happy with the images we got! Here are some sneak peaks of what we took with our camera, but we cannot wait to see the final shots....

The week is nearly over!

This week.....well just like another week at our new Boutique, has been crazily busy, bouquets going out, flowers for photoshoots going out....deliveries coming at 4am in the morning, sleepless nights stripping roses etc. However the end result is always exquisite and when we stand back and realise just exactly what we have created....we smile and continue on with the next order!
Below are some images of the floral displays we created for our favourite magazine.....we cannot wait to see what becomes of them...??

Brides Magazine Event @ Bluebird

Polly Atkinson from Brides Magazine comissioned us to create some breathtaking arrangements for the Event on Sunday evening in aid of the White Gallery Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery.
From rose petals, floral installations to stitching yards of bunting we pulled it off once again even though we had 2 other Events. Jack and Tony turned up at Bluebird and worked their magic with Polly to transform the private dining room into a Cool Britannia inspired space!

The most glamourous Civil Partnership to date

This weekend was wedding heaven. The weather was exceptional for a Marquee Event. We travelled to the Cotswolds on Friday and started to decorate an already stylish marquee. Sezincote House has the feel of a stately home without being commercial. Incredible place!
Remember those pictures we posted of flowers we did for a Tasting....well the tasting turned into a stunning Event for two great guys. Everything about it was polished, from flowers to perfect white carpet to groomed Last Supper Staff.....