Hellllpppppppp the wedding season has officially begun!

Our first large wedding of the season began last Wednesday with receiving an exquisite delivery from Holland. We prepped our blooms and packed them safely for our trip to Stapleford Park Hotel a venue that we looooovvvveeeee working at www.staplefordpark.com
Neda and Owrang our first Iranian couple to get the BAOD treatment shared an amazing weekend with their dearest friends and family, and guess what? the weather was to die for! no rain, no clouds....incredible.
Our journey up was fun, giggling away to Bridal music, which continued throughout the whole weekend!


  1. Class never goes out of style. Beautiful work!

  2. Oh you are my hero's! I have only recently found your blog by joyous accident! and have already spent many an hour drooling over your beautiful designs! I am a florist also but on a much much smaller basis (in a very small seaside town and usually on a minute budget!) and can only dream of ever having the chance to work on a wedding of the scale that you work on, but at least I can look at your wonderfull pics and dream the dream!!!
    Thanks for being so inspiring!