Flowers for a beautiful space

This week we started a weekly contract for an incredible space overlooking most of London!!!With spectacular views and exquisite design we couldnt help but use King Arthur Orchids, proteas and the largest of Anthuriums!
More to come next week............

bouquet and buttonhole idea

Always a suprise!

Many of you will know how it works here at BAOD HQ! I am tucked away in the office typing away at quotes, writing briefs, and answering the millions of questions that are bombarded my way! I am constantly pestering MR T to make bouquets for orders and every time I come upstairs from my little space....his bouquets take my breath away! Today he made up endless bouquets for clients, gifts and 2 special ones for Astrid Joss at Brides! These are possibly my favourite to date! The lilac one features a rose that is exclusive to our supplier....Dolcetti is the beautiful lilac ruffled rose!

New Window...inspired by the last scene in Nanny Mcphee 1

Another Styling table for a Client's Wedding in Scotland

Yesterday we were busy busy, putting together this super room for Claire and Simon, who will be marrying in Scotland and have employed us to infuse a little bit of Provence meets city sleek into their Wedding. With the help of Planet Flowers and Carnival Chaos we will create and incredible Event for them!

Symphony of Sweets

Tony and I are getting ourselves immersed in a new and VERY exciting project that we cannot wait to share with all of you! Its all a bit of a SECRET at the moment.....but will soon be disclosed!
One of the many aspects of this secret involves this super piano!

KEEP reading and following and soon the secret will be unveiled!

Autumn in Mind

Queen of Cakes

Last weekend we had the pleasure to work with Cake genius Peggy Porschen.....Peggy and her team created her signature cascade of flowers that trickled into our fresh flower base. We are happy to announce that we will soon be stocking Peggy Porschen Cakes, Cookies and Favour ideas at our Boutique and will be working closely with Peggy in providing our Brides with breath taking cakes!


the palest of pinks and mauves....with OREGANO...this should be turned into a candle!!!!!

Dewland Wedding Part 1

This past weekend we dragged Jack to help us at a wedding up North in Lincolnshire....Hydrangeas, Acqua roses and more.....adorned another exquisite events that will remembered for many years. Here are some of the many images we took....more to come!

This gorgeous table provided a backdrop for group photographs!