DEAD OR ALIVE??? Definately ALIVE and doing lots of kicking!

OH summer summer.....where are you? where have you been? where have you gone?

Once again I have apologise for not keeping up with writing! Having two jobs, two dogs, a husband "practically" although not in theory! and quite a social life, has left me very little time to write. I have thought about it in many ocassions, I always want to write something more opinionated and less about what we do! Is it wrong to have a good old moan and groan? I think my problem would be not to upset anyone. The intention would never be to do that, but I have found myself in many situations where I have to explain the reason as to why I said something. The honest answer is "I say what I think".

Ok, what did I show you last? pictures of some beautiful cakes I remember now.......

here are some pictures of some weddings we have been involved with! Please ignore the carpets in the rooms, why do hotels chose the most ghastly patterns every imagined, I will never know.....but thats another blog, if I ever pluck up the courage to type it!

At this particular Wedding, Tony and I were only asked to do the flowers and provide the bride and groom with some beautiful dramatic candelabras! (please note that we did not chose the venue, linen or the carpet!!!!!!) We have to admit that had the budget allowed us to use, nicer more convincing looking pearls, we would have! Sadly and gladly and contrary to popular myth that we are "expensive" we provided our lovely bride and groom, some exquite vintage arrangements for their special day!
When I say gladly....I mean to say, that too often Tony and myself will overspend on props, ribbon, vases and candle holders and never make any money!!! We have to start thinking like businessmen and not designers sometimes! But its very hard.....when you have vintage pearls and plastic pearls next to one another......I just say "those", more often than not....the expensive option and then left with a pile of expensive pealrs after the Event.
I promise to post more pictures on a more regular basis!!!!

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