Trip to Holland

Last Sunday we ventured to visit the flower Auction in Aalsmeer. There we visited our dear supplier Marc Boers Flower Export....we have been buying flower from them for over 2 years...their quality and choice surpasses any supplier in Covent Garden Market. There is a saying you get for what you pay...and that is totally true. Eric, Marc and Sannie work day and practically night choosing, wrapping and packing the best of blooms, sending them all over the world, we feel privileged being one of their clients!

We saw incredible glassware that will soon be part of our collection

trolleys full of blooms

a new variety of Hydrangea, Blue classic Spike....amazingggg

me packing vases for our wedding in Mallorca this weekend

Our order.....we wish

Halls full of blooms and plants

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  1. Thanks for your kind words !
    Even the best flowers are nothing if you would not be able to create something beautiful with it.