January 10th, 2012

The Inspiration - Regal and Ravishing 

Who knew that turning 30 would be such a fabulous year?! After all Kate Middleton has done just that this year and there is no doubt in our minds that her birthday would have been a night to remember. Our inspiration  for today is about the glamour and celebrating in style....whether you're a Duchess of not!

We were lucky enough to create a gorgeous bouquet for Kate's appearance at the 'War Hose' premier this week, keep watching as we shall upload the images next week.  

A party should include fantastic food, cocktails & of course flowers.  The image above is  of a wedding show we did at Burghley House, but this scene would work perfectly for a party or a 30th Birthday. 

The Wish List -

We want to know what YOU'RE big, fabulous and utterly glamorous, 3-0 would be like!

-What would you ask for?
-What would  you do/where would you go?
-What would you wear? and....
-What would you drink?!

Leave a comment and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

BAOD shop front

The Trend - Razzle Dazzle

What the catwalk had to offer for glitz and glamour this season.....

There was plenty of sparkle being brought to the stage from D&G but if your looking for something a little more red-carpet worthy then you should take a look at what Oscar de la Renta, Mulberry and Jenny Packham had to offer........wow!

Jenny Packham
Oscar de la Renta
One of the weddings we did at Stapleford House has plenty of glamour, full of beautiful gold tones. 


  1. Having had an opulent, french-fairytale, la-fete style wedding my 30th simply has to be a chic glamorous affair.
    The dream is a cocktail party somewhere fabulous, fun and slightly exclusive like Noura Lounge, Momo Kemia Bar, Sketch or Tramp. Cocktail dress by Marchesa, a custom cocktail (with a non-alcoholic version) sparkly heels, cake by Choccywoccydoodah all night dancing to great music and of course flowers and decor by BAOD
    bring on 2013

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment Holly. We are in fact doing a party at Noura Lounge tomorrow so we will post the pictures on the blog for you!
    Hope you get the 30th you want! Love BAOD xox

  3. Oh Fabulous! I adore Noura. Hope it all goes swimmingly for you - can't wait to see the pics

  4. My 30th is still a few years away. Plenty of time to get saving since I think it might be a pretty extravagent affair! I think I'd like a central London location, not too sure where but it has to be pretty to look at; lots of sparkly lights and candles, heaps of cake by Peggy Porschen, a champagne tower, a DJ who plays really cheesy music (the best kind!) and, of course, flowers flowers flowers everywhere. And every colour of the rainbow, dripping with sparkle. Oh my, I really had better start saving, hadn't I???